Bedding & Linens Cleaning

Your Frette, Pratesi, Anichini bed linens deserve special attention to preserve their integrity and to keep them looking as perfect as the first time you placed them on your bed. Whether your style is luxurious or traditional, "Delicates Fix & Clean" goes to great lengths to maintain the beauty of your linens.

"Delicates Fix & Clean" specialized equipment can clean anything from comforters to pillows, so don't hold back. We can even package seasonal bedding in custom-designed storage bags which are breathable and reduce or eliminate creases.
Table linens care

Your fine table linens, such as table cloths and dinner napkins, are treated with precise care throughout the entire cleaning process. Delicate fabrics, lace, and intricate embroidery can easily be damaged if the proper cleaning techniques are not applied. "Delicates Fix & Clean" takes great pride in preserving all of your fine home linens. Our expectations are the same as yours! At "Delicates", each napkin, pillow case, and bed sheet is individually treated with dedication and care, thus living up to our impressive reputation.
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