Couture Care

t breaks our hearts to get garments damaged by careless cleaning or wrong alteration. Luxe Garments care is a precise ART.

It's what separates those who are stylish from people who just own stylish clothes. And, as it turns out, it's a pretty important factor in distinguishing a great Couture care laundry center from the mediocre crowd of dry cleaners. "Delicates Fix & Clean" is a couture dry cleaner center focused on high-end care luxe garments & special care for the top fashion brands.
Our craftsmen know how to clean branded luxe Couture without making it look like a cheap outfit, and preserve the character of it. Of course, when a cleaner misses a detail ; you notice. You notice missing beads, cracked buttons.

You definitely notice smashed & BURNED pressing garments. Our legendary attention to detail ensures that ornate buttons or embellishments are protected. At "Delicates Fix & Clean", we notice & prevent all these things too.
The "Delicates Fix & Clean" difference is the scope of our cleaning care methods and labor-intensive hand HIGH inspection. After one of our expert technicians examines a piece in our high tech laboratory it's sent for customized treatment tailored especially for each stain and garment type. Most cleaners use one treatment to treat a coffee stain. We use as many as three: one to remove the coffee, one to remove milk or cream, and another to address sugar. Our chemicals are specialized to treat & clean high-end luxe garments as well our machineries are one of a kind specialized for couture luxe garments cleaning
Live the difference yourself.

Get in touch with one of "Delicates" wardrobe professionals to see the difference for yourself. Remember, we offer complimentary pickup and delivery throughout Kuwait areas. Our prices & Charges vary according to the exact nature of the work that your garment need & what is made of & what ornament it has on it.
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