Handbags Care & Colors Dyeing

Because "Delicates Fix & Clean" know the Value of your handbag investment & with the prices of designer handbags skyrocketing, it makes sense now more than ever to take care of your handbag investments. "Delicates Fix & Clean" love cleaning designer handbags, but know all too well what happens to them when used daily. Dye transfer, spilled drinks, dirt, stain , even infant, emissions , we've seen it all. But, your Chanel isn't finished. We've cleaned them all too, with fabulous results.

Our "Delicates Fix & Clean" in-house experts have been cleaning purses from names like Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga. We don't stop at scrubbing off surface dirt, but go further, infusing oil and dyes keep your bag supple and to maintain rich colors. We'll also apply stain repellant at no additional cost. Regular handbag cleaning with us can extend the lifespan of a purse indefinitely, so you'll never have to retire a Birkin again.

Handbags Repair

Repairs can also be made to your handbag as well. "Delicates Fix & Clean" have repaired, cleaned & polished cracked leather handbags made by: Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Burberry, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and many others.
"Delicates Fix & Clean" couture care is proud to offer repair and restoration of your favorite designer handbags and purses. Whether the material is fabric, suede or leather, each bag we receive is carefully hand cleaned, Polished and refinished.

Leather Handbags dyeing

An advantage with "Delicates Fix & Clean" on leather handbags is that we have the expertise to master mix colors to recolor your handbag to its original color & original look and feel of the skin. Although this technique is a very time consuming process, it gives "Delicates" Couture Cleaners the ability to rescue a handbag that may otherwise be a lost cause.
We can as well change the color of your handbag to the color you chose taking into consideration that we can do that if you are choosing a darker color from what it is originally i.e. we can color from white to beige, brown, purple or dark black BUT we can NOT do coloring from black to brown, beige, purple or white

Crocodile Handbags care

The investment in a fine crocodile handbag can easily run into five figures investment. These special pieces require the very highest level of skill and craftsmanship to give them the proper care. We have a track record of handling these rarest and most valuable bags from the collections of every major designer. Don't trust these prized possessions with just anyone - let our experts Cleaners work their magic!

Polish it for Best Results

Attempt to have your handbag or purse Polished regularly when it is light or moderately soiled. Waiting until the handbag is heavily soiled reduces the chances for the best possible results. Regular polish will keep that prized bag positively picture perfect!
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