Delicates in the Press
Al Watan - Boots & Uggs Care
Al Qabas - Bugs on bed sheets & Curtains
Al Qabas - Couture care specialized for High-End
Al Qabas - Couture dresses one & only
Al Qabas - Dior & Balenciaga bags leather coloring
Al Watan - Leather bag Hermes & Chanel solution
Al Rai - Lebanese designers special Collection
Al Rai - One & Only cleaning Laundry Care Center
Al Rai - Purifying your house from Bugs & allergy
Al Qabas - Scrashes On Your Bag
Al Qabas - Shouji & Delicates in Al-Watan
Al Rai - Shouji Show dresses
Al Qabas - Shouji styled & dressed by Delicates
Al Qabas - You can send GUCCI items to Delicates
Al Watan - Prada apparel in Delicates
Al Rai - Haute Couture from Lebanese Designers
Al Rai - Wedding Dress solution to fit you
Al Watan - Best way to Fit your wedding dress

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