Couture Care
Our craftsmen know how to clean branded luxe Couture without making it look like a cheap outfit, and preserve the character of it.
                  Alteration & Couture Tailoring
"Delicates Fix & Clean" provides professional alterations, from the smallest repair to major adjustments.
  Handbag Care & Color Dyeing
"Delicates Fix & Clean" love cleaning designer handbags, but know all too well what happens to them when used daily.
  Bedding & Linenings Cleaning
"Delicates Fix & Clean" specialized equipment can clean anything from comforters to pillows, so don't hold back. 
  Wedding Dress Care
"Delicates Fix & Clean" takes great pride in helping you to preserve your family's most special memories.
  Cleaning Services
"Delicates Fix & Clean" is more than a dry cleaning or traditional Laundry. Our Couture Care cleaning professionals....
  Ugg & Shoe Care
Let "Delicates Fix & Clean" suede professionals give your Uggs the care they deserve.
  Leather and Suede Care
Our craftsmen know how to clean & Polish painted leather without making it look like a cheap synthetic, and preserve the character of vintage hides without making them look battered. 
  Furs Couture Cleaning
"Delicates Fix & Clean" furrier cleans your fur and fur-trimmed items using traditional, time-tested techniques to remove dirt and excess oil. 
  Children's & Nursery Care
Everything from beautiful stroller cleaning and car seats too. Rest assured keeping your kids safe is just as important to us as you. 
  Curtains & Draperies Care
Our "Digital Drapery Documentation" guarantees that your decorators original design concepts are preserved during the process.
  Vintage Care & Restoration
At "Delicates Fix & Clean", caring for the finest fabrics and textiles with extreme attention to detail is our cornerstone. 
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